Monthly Raffle Newsletter

What it does:

Your site visitors are entered into a raffle to win a prize when they complete a specified action on your page. Prize winners are randomly chosen once a month, and an email is sent to all contestants to announce the winner.

How it works:

CloudPress can track a visitor action on your page after they have filled out a form with their email to enter the raffle. This action can be limited to only once, or allowed at specific intervals. CloudPress then integrates with an email service provider of your choosing to announce the winner to all contestants and notify the winner about their prize.

Example uses:

  • Visitors can fill out a form on your site once a month for a chance to win a monthly giveaway offer.
  • Let visitors earn raffle entries for clicking on links to your social media profiles or other pages.
  • Give visitors extra raffle entries for watching videos embedded on your page.

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